How to Clean out a Closet? Easy Guide

How to Clean out a Closet

A closet is essential to any bedroom, serving as a practical storage solution for clothing, shoes, accessories, and other personal items. A well-designed closet can help to maximize the available space in a room and make it easier to keep the bedroom organized and clutter-free.

We know that the hygiene and order of the invisible parts of your home are as important to you as the visible parts of your home. This is why we are sure you are uncomfortable when your closet is untidy. All right! If you ask how to clean out a closet, how to organize it, and which products you can get to organize a closet, here are the tricks you can use for a clean and tidy closet.

Where Do I Start Cleaning Out My Closet?

Well-planning is a must for efficient closet cleaning. But, don’t worry! We have already prepared for you to ease the burden on your shoulders. Here are the steps you should follow for a proper closet cleaning:

  1. Before you organize your cabinets, a good cleaning is a must! Before sharing the tricks you need to pay attention to before cleaning the closet, you can consider seasonal changes to do the cleaning in a more practical way. This makes it an excellent place for cleaning, as you will be emptying your closet when removing seasonal clothes and putting away non-seasonal ones!
  2. Start cleaning the inside of the closet by removing all your clothes and home textiles, if any. In this way, you can minimize the transmission of dust in the closet to your clothes and prevent your clothes from being damaged.
  3. After removing all the clothes from the closet, you can start cleaning the closet from the top shelves to the bottom. Cleaning from top to bottom prevents re-dusting of the lower shelves due to dust displacement.
  4. Let’s come to the curious question: What is the inside of the closet wiped with? We recommend that you avoid cleaning the closet with chemical cleaning products to avoid damaging the furniture and clothes. Cleaning water prepared by adding a small amount of Arabian soap or a cleaning cloth that you wash with white soap can help you in this regard. In the meantime, you can use microfiber cloths as cleaning cloths that will not harm the furniture.
  5. Make sure that the cleaning cloth is not too wet. You can wipe it with a slightly damp cloth: The ceiling of the closet, the shelves, the inner side walls, the floor, and even the hanger sections. You have to make sure that you wipe everything thoroughly.
  6. After wiping, you should dry it with a dry and clean cloth, so there is no wetness in the closet. In this way, you can prevent things that can damage your furniture or clothes, such as mold and bad odor.
  7. After you finish the interior cleaning of the closet, you can do the exterior cleaning in the same way from top to bottom.

What is the Fastest Way to Clean Out a Closet?

If you want to know the fastest way to clean out a closet, good order is a must because there is no faster way unless you have an untidy closet! Here we will offer some pre-order suggestions if you want to clean your closet faster. We recommend starting with a small clothes detox first. You can give the clothes you no longer wear to the needy, sell them via mobile applications, or throw the clothes that cannot be worn into the clothes recycling containers. This application, which you will do before organizing, can help you organize your closet more easily and save space.

Then you can separate categories such as trousers, t-shirts, and shirts and put the items you often wear in an easily accessible spot. In this way, you can prevent your closet from falling apart easily.

Which clothes you want to fold and which you want to hang can be determined according to both you and the volume of the closet. You can get help from organizing products to create additional storage areas in closets and achieve a tidy closet.

How to Declutter Too Many Clothes

How Do You Declutter Too Many Clothes?

You may have too many clothes in your closets. Even if you like to have lots and a variety of clothes, we are sure that you would love to get rid of some of the old and outmoded ones you keep in your closet that you hope to wear someday.

Begin by decluttering items that are easy to let go of, such as clothes that are stained, ripped, or don’t fit anymore. For the rest of your clothes, first of all, you really need to ask yourself some basic questions:

  • Have I worn this for a year?
  • Would I buy this today?
  • Am I planning to wear this in the next few months?
  • Does this cloth have the right size?

When you take a cloth from your closet, ask the above questions, and answer them honestly. If the answer is “no,” please don’t wait a minute to dispose of those clothes. Probably you will never need that cloth ever again.

Now, it is time to come up with some practical ideas for decluttering your clothes.

Ideas for Decluttering Closets

Practical Ideas for Decluttering Closets

Now it’s time to bring practical closet organizing ideas to life to give them their due!

Organizers: In-cabinet organizers will make your work much easier. So, what are the products you need to create a closet order?

  • Hangers (dress, shawl-tie hanger)
  • Drawer organizing box
  • Fabric box or cardboard box
  • dress cover
  • vacuum bag
  • 5-compartment cloth shelves
  • Shoebox

First, decide on the clothes you want to hang on the hanger and place them in your closet after hanging them. If you have essential clothes (suits, evening dresses, etc.), it would be better to put them in dress covers and put them in the closet. You can get help from the special hangers produced to keep accessories such as shawls and ties in the closet more regularly.

Identify Your Favorites: It is a very plausible idea to organize clothes according to the frequency of use. In this direction, you can place the clothes you often wear in the most easily accessible places in the closet. Using hangers is also among the practical closet organization ideas where you can place your most preferred clothes.

Home and Work Clothes: You can hang work and school clothes and place home clothes in drawers. At this stage, we recommend placing them all on one hanger if possible. Hanging clothes on each other will waste your time trying to find the outfit you are looking for. In addition, when you do not hang your clothes, you can find the combinations you prefer for your business and professional life in wrinkled form. Ironing in the morning in that rush is not a good idea.

Likewise, you do not need to make an unreasonable effort to choose the clothes you wear to work among your home clothes. If you have one, you can easily overcome this step by placing your home clothes in a different compartment or on the dresser.

Underwear: If you have a set of furniture in your bedroom, there is probably a dresser among them. Dressers or bedside tables are great complements to placing underwear! In dressers, you can also put panties, bras, boxers, socks, pantyhose, and corsets. In order to preserve the hygiene of laundry, they should be stored in a smaller area. If you put your underwear next to the clothes you wear in any place outside, on public transport, in a restaurant, or at work that come into contact with contaminated surfaces, underwear can threaten your health. For this reason, you should try choosing a different section with drawers for your underwear.

Save space: You can save space thanks to vacuum bags and if you are going to place your pillows, quilts, or out-of-season clothes in the closet. In order to maintain order in the closet, you can place the vacuumed products in cloth or cardboard storage boxes. In addition, you can also use these storage boxes to create a special area for clothing, such as hats and sportswear.

Create extra space: If your closet is too small to meet your needs, you can create extra space for yourself thanks to cloth shelves with 5 compartments. By the way, if you plan to include your shoes in the closet, you should not forget that the shoe box is indispensable for hygiene!

Rolling clothes: You can consider rolling your clothes and placing them on the shelves in the closet. With this method, which is especially ideal for thin clothes and laundry, you can use the space in the closet efficiently and gain extra space. You can also find your clothes easily with this method.

Base beds: Base beds are among the furniture that makes your life easier. If you live in a small house with lots of furniture and your closet is not enough for your belongings, you can choose a base bed model. This way, you can create extra storage space and store items that do not fit in your closet. For example, for the summer season, you can store your clothes, such as sweaters and coats, that are not suitable for hot weather.

On the other hand, you can think of putting blankets, pillows, quilts, and all kinds of things you can think of in the base instead of the cupboard. So you can get extra space.


In conclusion, cleaning out a closet can be challenging, but it is a necessary step towards simplifying your life and freeing up space in your home. By following the steps outlined above, you can effectively declutter your closet, identify the items you truly need and use, and discard those taking up unnecessary space.

Remember that the key to a successful closet cleanout is being honest with yourself about what you wear and what you don’t. By making decluttering a regular habit, you can maintain a well-organized closet that makes getting dressed each day a stress-free experience.

Remember, the most important advantage of the loaders is that they offer a space where you can store products that take up a lot of space, such as quilts. Normally, we stack such items under the bed bases or on top of the closet.

However, even if these areas are insufficient, the loads will be your ideal choice. If you have many items, such as quilts, beds, and blankets, you need to include large volumes in the design of your closet. The loaders’ most important feature is their huge interior volume. Models with wide shelf ranges allow you to store almost any item.

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