Different Types of Closets (Easily Explained)

Different Types of Closets

Closets are one of the most essential parts of the house. They have many functions, from bedroom closets that house clothes, shoes, and bags to linen closets, utility closets, and pantries. As everybody has a different layout and different amounts of free space in their house, it is hard to pick the right option. 

· Walk-in Closet

Arguably, walk-in closets are the most desired and dreamed-about type of closet. It is the ideal type of closet for anyone who wants to have a lot of room to store and display their clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and other similar items, as it offers the maximum amount of closet space. 

The characteristic quality of a walk-in closet is that it is a separate room on its own rather than a piece of furniture. However, that isn’t to say that it has to be a big room; on the contrary, a walk-in closet can be small enough to fit the hanging rods, a drawer chest, and you. They can be as small as a few square feet and as big as a huge room with luxurious displays, built-in lighting, and even changing rooms. 

As a walk-in closet is a separate room, it is an option that is only available in bigger homes. Therefore, it can be considered the most luxurious option among all the closet types.

This is why many walk-in closets are also designed with displays for showcasing certain items, such as bags and shoes. Furthermore, the clothes and other items are stored on open shelves or behind glass doors. 

· Reach-in Closet

Unfortunately, a walk-in closet might not be possible for you at the moment. In that case, a reach-in closet is the next best option. This type of closet is a dedicated part of the bedroom for storing your clothes.

They are a type of built-in closet, and it is the most standard type of closet found in most homes as it offers a maximum amount of space to store all of your items without taking up too much of the bedroom. 

They are great for utilizing both the vertical and horizontal space available. You can use the area beneath the hanging rods to place drawers, shelves, or bins for different storage solutions. You can think of the reach-in closet as the smaller and more affordable version of a walk-in closet.

It has a similar setup, such as a separate area and floor-to-ceiling storage options. Yet it is easier to achieve as most people would instead use their spare room as a guest bedroom or an office. 

Moreover, it is not as costly. You don’t have to remodel a whole room. Instead, you can remodel only the closet area. 

· Wardrobe

Many types of wardrobes are suitable for different dimensions and budgets. They are especially ideal for people who are renting as you can take your wardrobe with you when you are moving.

Moreover, most homeowners don’t want renters to make permanent changes; therefore, if the existing closet in your bedroom doesn’t offer enough storage for you, a wardrobe is a great option. 

Another great plus of wardrobes is that they are highly customizable. You can have a wardrobe as big or small as you want and as many shelves as you want. You can also opt for one with many drawers or other add-ons, such as specific modules for your pants or accessories. 

One of the biggest advantages of wardrobes is that it doesn’t even have to be in your bedroom. If you are working with limited space in your bedroom and don’t have enough space, you can place your wardroom in a different room or another part of the house.

You can also use the wardrobe to store seasonal clothes, such as winter coats in the summer or clothes with sentimental value but you don’t wear anymore, and so much more. 

· Armoire

You can opt for an armoire if you don’t need too much storage capacity. You might think that wardrobes and armoires are the same thing; at first glance, they are extremely similar. 

Armoires are slightly different from wardrobes because they are a mix of decoration items along with storage. One of the other main differences is that armoires usually have mirrors inside the doors. Moreover, they have more intricate designs compared to wardrobes.

In other words, the armoire is as much used for decorative purposes as its utility. Depending on the specific design, it can have hanging space and shelves, and you can find one that fits your needs and desires. 

· Open Concept Closet

Open-concept closets, also known as Italian closets, are different reach-in closets. They are another type of built-in closet; the difference is that, as opposed to a regular type of closet, it has open shelves. It doesn’t have doors and allows constant full access to the contents of the closet at all times. 

It is a fantastic option for those looking for a modern and unique look in their bedrooms. These types of closets are custom-made to fit exactly into the style of your bedroom.

They are manicured and fitted in the area it will be installed in perfectly. You can have it customized to your needs, with the perfect shelves or drawers for storing items and hanging clothes. 

You can also customize the types of fixtures that can be installed in your open-concept closet. You can have many different types of closet shelving, pant pull-outs, and more. 

· Hall or Coat Closet

A coat closet is a great option if you have the place for it, as it frees up a lot of space in the closet in your bedroom. It allows you to put all of your coats and outerwear in there. Moreover, it can house your most used shoes as well, which ensures easy access. 

Furthermore, this closet is perfect for guests to hand their coats and bags. It will function as a smaller reach-in closet. It is similar built-in and can be customized to the space available. Hall closets can also store items such as umbrellas, snow, sports gear, and more. 

· Laundry Closet

The laundry closet can easily be overlooked in design and organization. However, with the right approach, this area can be one of the most functional spaces in your home. 

One of the most common ways of utilizing the laundry closet is to install long bars. This way, you maximize the hanging space, and this tactic is especially useful for air-drying delicate clothing items.

Another smart space-saving solution is to install sliding doors in your laundry closet; this way, you don’t have to allocate room for the opening and closing the doors. 

If you don’t have a laundry room or have the space for it but desperately want one, add your washing and drying machines to the laundry closet. This will allow you to have the laundry machines at the bottom with a countertop on them, plus storage space with shelves above. In other words, you will have created a makeshift laundry room without the room. 

· Linen Closet

Linen closets are among the most useful and popular add-ons in laundry rooms or hallways. Alternatively, you can also place your linen closet in your bathroom if you have space. You might be wondering what is the difference between the linen closet and the laundry closet.

Linen closets house all the linens, pillowcases, blankets, towels, and other similar textile necessities. Linen closets are very functional and assist in the organization of the house because they collect all of these items in one place that is easily accessible by all household members. They aren’t used to storing clothes. 

Moreover, linen closets are usually in the hallways, near the bathroom or bedrooms. They are also an ideal storage system for cleaning supplies, iron or steamer, and other cleaning or laundry-related items. 

Linen closets can have many different styles. For example, the reach-in style is the most common way you can see linen closets. However, you can also have a linen closet with folding doors or a wardrobe. 

· Utility Closet

Another very useful type of closet is the utility closet. Utility closets are useful for storing things necessary for every household, such as brooms, cleaning supplies, boxes, maintenance tools such as screwdrivers and drills, and more.

They are the perfect solution for keeping the necessary things but not pleasant looking out of sight. Moreover, they are the preferred spot for storing bulky electronic items. For example, you can use the utility closet to keep your hoover, iron, steamer, ironing board, and more. 

The best place for the utility closet is somewhere close to the most frequently used areas of the house, such as the kitchen or laundry room. This allows it to be accessible without interfering with daily activities. Moreover, organizing the inside of the closet is a tall task itself.

The best way to go about it would be to invest in shelving and practical storage solutions to maximize the space. You can opt for clear storage bins that allow you to see what is in them easily. You can also pick adjustable shelves to readjust your closet to fit your exact needs. Over time, you reorganize it. 

· Pantry

This might seem odd at first. However, pantries are closets too. They are also the center of every well-organized kitchen. It is filled with various food items, from pantry staples to snacks, dry food, and cans. Because there are so many different ingredients, pantry closets can get very messy very quickly. 

Depending on the space available, you can have a walk-in pantry. Walk-in pantries offer more space to store items and allow for different organization tools and tactics. However, this doesn’t mean that a smaller pantry must be disorganized. In fact, many organization tips can help organize your pantry and keep it organized. 

In short, there are more types of closets than we might think. They play an important role in the house, keeping everything organized and out of sight. Each type serves its unique purpose, pantries are for efficiency in the kitchen, and wardrobes are for stylish clothing storage.

Regardless of the living space size, you are guaranteed to find a type of closet that can fit into the space and suit your needs. Embrace the importance of closets and allow them to transform your living space Ito a haven of organization.