Standard Laundry Room Dimensions

Standard Laundry Room Dimensions

Laundry rooms are the unsung heroes of most households.

Of course, they don’t have the comfortable, welcoming ambiance of a living room, a bedroom’s personality, or the kitchen’s delicious scents. It is easy to forget about the laundry room when it is just a space reminding you that the dirty baskets are full to the brim and must be washed.

However, having an organized and well-thought-out laundry room can have a lot of benefits. It can make this largely disliked chore much easier and quicker. In this post, we will explore all the benefits of a customized laundry room.

Furthermore, we will go over what small, large, and standard laundry room dimensions are and how to design best and take advantage of every inch of space you have. 

Average Laundry Room Size

Most average laundry room dimensions are usually 6 feet by 9 feet or 54 square feet. This size is generally enough to fit a washer and dryer and some cabinets to use as storage.

To ensure that the size of your laundry room will be enough for you, pay attention to certain aspects while finalizing the laundry room design. Some of the things to pay close attention to are: 

1. Choose a dryer and washing machine that fits into the space you have allocated in your laundry room. In other words, a very large washing machine may fit into your room, but if it doesn’t leave any space for other features, such as drying racks or a laundry closet, you may need to check out smaller options. 

2. Cabinets and storage are essential features of laundry rooms as they also have the function of cleaning or a linen closet. If you have the space, consider adding shelves or closets to store your cleaning supplies, extra towels, linens, blankets, or pillow covers.

If you don’t have the extra space for these items, make sure to allocate enough space for the laundry items at the very least for easy access during the laundry process. 

3. A sink is one of the most helpful additions to a laundry room. You can rinse off stains, hand-wash delicate clothes, and much more. Save some of the counter space for a laundry room sink. 

4. Keep your other laundry-related items in this room as well. For example, iron, ironing board, steamer, drying rack to air dry sensitive clothes that can’t go into the dryer, and more. You can opt for wall-mounted or pull-out racks to save some space.

Furthermore, having countertop space to put the clean clothing after taking them out of the dryer or after ironing is essential as it helps make the process easier and more streamlined. It also provides a space for folding. 

Small Laundry Room Size

A small laundry room doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the efficiency a large laundry room can provide. It only means that you need smarter and more creative home improvement solutions and to be stricter with yourself regarding what items you want to keep and what you need to get rid of. 

As long as your small laundry room is about 6 feet by 7 feet or 42 square feet, you can fit the essentials into it, such as the washer, dryer, and sink. You can utilize space-saving solutions such as wall-mounted hooks and baskets, narrow and vertical cabinets, or high shelves. 

A possible layout for your small laundry room might be stacking your washer and dryer, having a narrow cabinet to store items such as your steamer and ironing board, and a sink. You can use the cabinet under the sink to keep your laundry supplies, such as detergents and softeners. This basic layout can be customized to your needs in multiple different ways.

For example, you can install a hanging rod over the sink to have a place to hang clothes, or you can utilize the same space to install more cabinets if you need more storage. 

Small Laundry Room Size

Big Laundry Room Size

When it comes to big laundry rooms, you obviously have more space and opportunities to customize the room as much as you want. Another great advantage of big laundry rooms is that they elevate the property value of your house.

Therefore, you can view the expenses of renovating your laundry room as more of an investment if you ever decide to resell it. 

Usually, laundry rooms are between 60 to 80 square feet and are considered large. You can take advantage of this spacious laundry room in several ways. 

One of the most popular features is to install dedicated cabinets for linens, towels, blankets, and out-of-season clothes. This way, you free up a lot of closet space that would otherwise be cluttered with all these items in your bedroom.

Furthermore, as these are items that any person in the household can need, it is ideal for them to be stored in an area that is easily accessible to everyone. 

Storing other tools and cleaning supplies in a utility cabinet in your laundry room would also make your life much easier. These items would be out of the way and tucked in neatly, but they would also be all in the same space whenever you need them. 

End-to-end countertops are also an efficient choice for a large laundry room. These counters would provide lots of space to fold and separate the clothes.

Ironing and drying areas are must-haves in your large laundry room. Enough space to put out the ironing board and have clothes drying on the rack is a dream for anyone. If you have space for only one of those at a time, don’t fret. To save space, you can install pull-out drying racks that go in and out of the cabinet.

If you have many clothes that need to air dry and those racks wouldn’t be enough, then you can have a full-size drying rack and move the ironing board on the countertops instead. You can place ironing boards on the countertops to iron your clothes while saving space. 


In short, you can customize the layout and the features of your laundry room depending on how much space you have and what your needs are.

Whether lusting over a laundry room sink or a utility closet is a must-have, you can configure the space to the needs of your house. Even if you have a small laundry room, you can use smart storage solutions to make the most of your space to the best of your abilities. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Laundry Room Sizes

What is a typical laundry room size?

Laundry rooms in the USA are typically 6 feet by 9 feet or 54 square feet. These dimensions are usually enough space for all laundry room essentials, such as the washer and dryer, sink, and cabinets, to store detergents and softeners. 

How deep is a standard laundry room cabinet?

Similar to kitchen cabinets, standard laundry room cabinets are 24 inches deep. However, they can be made to fit into your space.