Walk-In Closet Size Guide

Walk-in closets are indispensable for bedrooms and dressing rooms. Walk-in closets are very popular in making the room look tidy and stylish. Walk-in closets have an important place in the decoration of both bedrooms and dressing rooms. When you hear different walk-in closet sizes, you may be confused and ask these questions: What type of walk-in closet do I have in my house? Or, according to which dimensions will I design my walk-in closet?

Thus, this article provides you with this information on walk-in closet size to create an ideal walk-in closet for your house and have more walk-in closet ideas.

Is 4×4 Big Enough for a Walk-in Closet? 

Although you can find various walk-in closet dimensions when you search online, the minimum size of a small walk-in closet should be about 4 feet by 4 feet. Therefore, 4×4 ft. is enough for a walk-in closet if you are a minimalist person or live alone. It also allows you to walk inside a little though and find what you search for easily.

What are The Ideal Walk-In Closet Dimensions? 

There are mainly three types of walk-in closets according to their dimensions: small, large, and long walk-in closets. Let’s examine these ideal dimensions under the following headings.

Small Walk-In Closet Sizes and Dimensions

Small Walk-In Closet Sizes and Dimensions 

Small walk-in closet dimensions are one of the frequently asked questions when searching for an ideal design. They are often small and square. Small walk-in closets are often around 5 feet by 5 feet; 20-30 sq. ft. If you have open shelves with drawers underneath your closet, it will be very functional because you can have more storage space underneath and hang more clothes on the upper side. Last, with clever lighting, your small walk-in closet can look bigger and cozier.

Long Walk-In Closet Sizes and Dimensions 

Long walk-in closets are generally about 6 feet by 10 feet; 45-60 sq. ft. Hanging bars on one or both sides of the long walls can be used inside these walk-in closets. Moreover, you can prefer drawers and shelves on one side and hanging bars on the other. If you are searching for single-sided walk-in closet dimensions or double-sided walk-in closet dimensions, this type of walk-in closet is exactly what you are looking for. You can create either a single or double-sided walk-in closet according to your needs if you have a long and narrow space.

Large Walk-In Closet Dimensions 

This walk-in closet type is generally larger than 100 sq. ft. An island setup is recommended in the middle of the room for accessories because you will have enough space for that. You can use as many design elements in walk-in closets, such as drawers and shelves, as you need.


In this article, we provide three main dimensions of a walk-in closet for you to create the ideal closet for your house. We hope this walk-in closet size guide made you feel more competent about the issue.

Don’t forget that the walk-in closets with both drawers and hangers attract a lot of attention. This model is for you if you think of using the same closet with your spouse. Walk-in closets with drawers are widely used nowadays. You have the opportunity to both hang your clothes and put your belongings in such walk-in closets. In another type of walk-in closet, there are only areas where clothes are hung. These walk-in closets do not have areas such as drawers and shelves. Thus, it may not be enough for all your belongings.

Last, design elements and organizers such as shelves, boxes, and handbags will create more space, even if your walk-in closet is small.